Care For Your Jewelry

The number one tip I can suggest for keeping your jewelry clean is to shower at least once a week with your jewelry on. Ideally, you would clean your jewelry with soap and water and then dry it daily...but we all know that won't happen. The next best option is to regularly shower with your pieces on and then pat them dry. 

The villain in your jewelry story is anything that makes dirt stick to it- hairspray, sunscreen, makeup etc- if you can, remove your pieces while you apply these items. 

When you aren't regularly wearing a piece, store it in an airtight bag to protect it from dirt and moisture. Since a number of my chains are very delicate, I do not recommend sleeping in the necklaces. If you are someone who absolutely won't be taking yours off, let me know and we can discuss stronger chain options for the necklace you have your eye on.

Another great option is Sunshine Cleaning Cloths, these little magical yellow pieces of fabric are great for adding extra shine (you can snag some on Amazon).