Shop For Good

Your October orders benefit When We All Vote. Every order from Ann Revere Jewelry benefits a cause close to my heart. I'm so incredibly humbled by each and every customer who chooses to spend their money with me, and I want to do a little good with it. There are year round dedicated charity pieces, but if you order something else, your purchase is still benefiting the month's chosen charity. 

It's also important to me that I make as little impact on the environment as possible with my business. This is considered in all aspects from design, to production, to packaging. A majority of my sales are for 14k gold fill pieces, these are inherently more sustainable than gold plated jewelry because gold fill has 100x more gold than plated pieces. If you take care of it properly, you can wear gold fill jewelry daily for years and reduce waste. Whenever possible, I offer a recycled material option for a design. 

The display cards your jewelry arrives on are made from 100% recycled paper- collect five and mail them to the address below so they can be reused and you'll get a $25 gift card to be used online. 

Ann Revere Jewelry / 713 NW 137th St. / Vancouver, WA 98685

Your product is shipped and packaged using almost all recycled materials. My goal is to reach 100% recycled materials for packaging by the end of 2020. At current time the following are recycled and recyclable. 

- Boxes, 100% post consumer content, compostable and biodegradable
- Tissue Paper, 100% recycled material and biodegradable 
- Shipping Labels, 100% recycled material and curbside recyclable 
- Packing Tape, curbside recyclable